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In recent years, the business environment, in which P&C Automotive operates, has shown the needs for companies which are able to proof a real will to renovate its production processes, where quality cannot be separated from respect of the environment and safety of its own staff.


P&C Automotive then decided to develop and implement a Corporate policy, thus identifying all processes and corresponding interactions between the different plants belonging to the Group.

By a clear definition of tasks, knowledge and responsibility and in regard to the expectations of all due stakeholder, P&C Automotive aims at ensuring:


  • customer satisfaction;
  • full observance of laws and regulations.
  • staff involvement and growth at any level, in order to allow people to better express their potential.
  • achievement of a process management system complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e IATF 16949 standards and aligned with ISO 45001
  • performance measurement and continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of its own processes, paying particular attention to cost optimization.
  • reduction of any negative environmental impact, by specifically caring for energy consume, scraps and waste.
  • a working environment to protect and improve in time staff safety.

The implementation of the Quality Policy is ensured by:

  • review and assessment of its own business environment and of stakeholders’ expectations.
  • resulting definition of performance goals for each company process.
  • risk assessment and resulting actions.
  • sharing communication of the goals to all the levels.
  • continuous monitoring of product quality and service by means of performance indicators structured system.
  • staff involvement in the management and improvement of company processes.

 The Management undertakes to make available all necessary resources for the implementation of its policy and the achievement of set goals.


 Missaglia (LC), 16 Aprile 2020


Gianluca Colombo

Amministratore Delegato

P&C Automotive



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