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P&C Automotive's vision is to support existing clients and, at the same time, to extend/develop its client portfolio, maintaining its current core business as a direct Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier for sheet metal molding in the automotive sector and developing new value-added activities;


P&C has consistent long-term objectives, such as:

Implementing a governance that supports growth appropriate to the current market situation and aimed at innovative change.
1. Taking advantage of opportunities, following market trends and geographical distribution of clients to grow more than the market average.
2. Facilitating product innovation by providing effective skills and organizational models
3. Maximizing the efficiency of production activities.


To ensure the achievement of the corporate objectives, each production plant guarantees to act in accordance with the guidelines established for the organization of internal processes, making it an active part of a constant improvement, committing itself to maintain and improve client satisfaction, strengthening internal skills as well as structures and facilitating communication with client on the basis of the specific requirements of each. The performance of the processes, both at the Corporate level and at the level of the individual plants, is monitored according to the following:

  • Development process indicators
  • Average of delays in sending offers, average percentage of allocations and growth of group sales.
  • Client complaints, client satisfaction, internal percentage of production waste, production efficiency
  • Number of stocks/turnover, balance sheet of plant saturation.
  • Savings on purchases
  • Client complaints, percentage of PPM production waste, assessing the quality of the finished product

The company organization is based on the interaction between the GST - Group Strategic Team, which identifies the strategy and the related actions required to implement it, and the EMT - Executive Management Team - where all the central processes of the Group are represented.


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