Silpa Ltd. is an Italian-Bulgarian company founded in 2004 that focuses on the production of sheet metal and plastic products. Silpa Ltd is located in the industrial area of the city of Lom (in the northern region of Montana), and has an area of 10,000 square meters with over 100 employees. The company includes the sectors of molding and shearing, injection molding of plastic material, production and assembly of air conditioners and powder coating.

The company is highly focused on maintaining and increasing the high standard of product quality: for this reason the commercial and quality policies require strict checks at every stage of the production process starting from the acquisition of materials, exclusively from certified suppliers, using safe and efficient machinery, relying on a team of qualified engineers and specialists and in the constant commitment to meet the deadlines required by the clients and the delivery of the products.




We face every challenge and turn it into better services and products to meet the client expectations. Our business relationships are long-lasting and focus on the needs and desires of our clients.

Metal production
The manufacturing process includes 8 presses, ranging from a minimum of 70 tons to a maximum of 1200 tons and 3 hydraulic presses ranging from 120 to 400 tons, some of which are numerically controlled and equipped with feeding devices for the management of the sheet metal on the belt. Machines and welding robots based on electric resistance are also available. Products are manufactured for Lada, Ford, Renault and Volkswagen companies located in the Czech Republic, France, Spain and Russia

Plastic production
The department for plastic injection molding has 7 hydraulic presses with capacities ranging from 80 to 600 tons. The machines allow working with molds up to 700 mm. The presses are equipped with microprocessors for monitoring all stages of the production process. Part of the machinery is used to manage the finished product through robotized elements that improve speed, work rate and cleanliness. The production is mainly intended for export, but also to be used in the internal assembly of air conditioners.

Powder coating
The powder coating line is produced by O.M.S.A. S.r.l, Italy features the following:
- Maximum dimensions: 600/1500/1200 mm (width/height/length)
- Maximum weight: 40 kg.
- Maximum temperature: 280
- Line speed: 2m/min




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3600 LOM, Montana - Severozapaden
Ludovico Milanezi Str. 24


Tel. +359 97164120
Fax: +359 971 64121

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