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PCM.de was founded in 2011 as part of the Italian PCM S.r.l.

PCM Srl located in Castellalto (Teramo - Italy), is one of the leading companies in the field of automotive components for the production of pressed and molded components for exhaust systems.

In 2013, the molding plant in Klipphausen near Dresden (Germany) was completed and production began. Over the years, the constant investment led to the doubling of the space, from 2,500 square meters to over 8,000 square meters, which hosted the doubling of the fleet of presses currently present.



over 110 employees

Since 2016 PCM.de has been part of the P&C Automotive Italian group, which represents a group of European companies with over 600 employees and 7 production facilities located in Italy and continental Europe.
PCM.de in Klipphausen currently employs a staff of over 110 employees and its client portfolio consists of the most prestigious names in the European automotive industry.





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