CATRA 2 S.r.l.

Catra 2 S.r.l., located in Castello di Brianza (LC), was founded in 1997 with the purpose of implementing and completing the diversification of the production cycle within the industrial logistics chain that refers to Catra Spa and to the P&C Automotive Group more generally.

The company is, in fact, committed to the production of small batches of industrial components whose technical and sizing characteristics, established by the particular design needs of the client, require appropriate professional skills, specific industrial equipment but, above all, production cycles of short and discontinuous duration incompatible with those required by the standardized processes carried out at the Catra subsidiary.






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CATRA 2 - S.r.l.
23884 Castello di Brianza (LC)
Via delle Fornaci, 5


VAT Nr: 02317890131

Tel. +39 0395311573

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