The industrial history of Lecco and its province has always been characterized by a deep tradition of family businesses dedicated to the world of mechanics. Catra S.p.A. was founded in Missaglia (LC) in 1979 on the basis of an intuition of a group of young, experienced and motivated friends hailing from significant professional experiences acquired in the technical, commercial and production field at companies operating in the mechanical industry.

The company initially operated locally and its production was of a generic nature, even though it was always based on cold molding of metal products. Over the years, the increased quality of production together with the reliability of service levels undertook unique distinctive features, which made the company a reference point in the field of molding: the name Catra therefore went beyond the boundaries of the mechanical district of Lecco and established itself in the context of the Italian market.



point of reference

In 1992, the company changed and Catra started the production of metal products for the automotive sector: the path was successful, the increase in volume supported by the consolidated standard of quality, reliability and competence allowed further success beyond the national borders, encouraging the company to undertake a path of internationalization crowned by the opening of new offices within the European area. In 2011, the commercial strategy developed further, including and developing, within the production chain, also the construction of mechanical molds: the company deemed this step indispensable in order to meet and guarantee the constant increase in standards of quality, efficiency and precision constantly required by the reference market. Catra is currently the point of reference for the P&C Automotive Group, consisting of three Italian companies and four companies located in the European zone, which together form a group of 600 employees with a total turnover of over 170 million Euros: the belief of Catra in quality, level of service and reliability became the culture and language of the Group, spoken and understood at every latitude of the globalized industrial world.




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Catra - S.p.A. Italia
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