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What we do

P&C Automotive is a European group specialized
in the cold molding of metal and plastic parts and assembly,
mainly focused on the automotive sector.

Our market is focused on the production of components such as cones, bottoms, semi-shells, protection against heat, pedals,
and suspension systems for the automotive sector (cars, commercial vehicles and trucks).

We assist our clients from the design stage to the final production of the product, guaranteeing reliability and competence.

Our purpose is constant market growth, through the investment in production capacity and internationalization
as well as careful selection of highly qualified personnel.

The first step towards the future is represented by the more than 70 million euros invested in the last 5 years.




Our Company


Metal working is an ancient art that calls for mankind to dose its strength, choose the raw materials and apply knowledge to use them combined, so as to obtain what the mind has envisioned: these are the elements that have forged the identity of our group. We listen to our clients and dialogue with our employees, ensuring safe work environments, access to continuous training and advanced technologies so that their skills may lead our group to be always better, more innovative, capable to imagine and to implement technological development, always a leader within a global and networked world. We give value to building a relationship of trust with our clients based on mutual communication and support, in order to improve performance and results.












Mln. €

Number of (total=) hydraulic/manual presses ranging from 200 to 2000 tons



Research and development


Our group focuses on innovation through feasibility studies,
process capacity analysis, improvement of internal processes and more modern designs,
in order to maintain high levels of quality and productivity.

The improvement of molding and welding operations, through more modern plants and the use of experts in the sector,
represents the selected areas of investment to ensure continuous development.

Technical center
a collaborative platform


Our TC developed significant skills and experience in 3D design and simulation. Cad, Catia V5 and Autoform are the main software platforms we use for design engineering. We support our clients in co-designing the technical development of their projects, optimizing the timing and improving the knowledge of the product, thus avoiding extra costs and resources in the design stage

We use 3D printers that allow us to achieve excellent performance in the design, construction and change of component models as well as to share interesting economic synergies with our clients. Through the 3D element, the designer can check the real proportion of a component so that to be able to analyze and find fast, appropriate and efficient solutions.




Main Clients


Fiat OffFiat Off
Lancia OnLancia On





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